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3 Useful Tips For Businesses Trying To Be Featured By Their Local News

by Sherri Robinson

The local news is where a lot of people get their facts on important events each day. Your company can use this outlet as a way to promote your goods and services. To have success reaching out and being featured by your local news, keep these tips in mind.

Come With an Impactful Event

Local news outlets get so many stories every day from all sorts of people who want their stories told. So that you stand out and actually improve your company's odds of being chosen, you need to come with an impactful event. The event needs to impact your community in a positive way.

One of the best ways to do this is to host a fundraiser for a special cause. This event is benefiting so many people and your local news will want to promote the event to make it more impactful. Not only does this help your community, but it helps your company receive positive publicity. 

Gather Captivating Multimedia

For local news outlets to really feel compelled to share your company's story — whether it's a fundraiser or special promotion — then you need to gather captivating multimedia for them to share. They need to showcase your event in a way that makes their audience tune in and care about what they're talking about. There are many ways you can gather this captivating multimedia. 

You could capture pictures of the event's setup. This will give the community an idea of what the event will be like in person. Or, you can hold a press conference where a representative of your company talks about this event in great detail. Just gather this multimedia before coming to your local news, as it will make your company appear more professional. 

Follow Up With Thank-You Letters

If a local news outlet does decide to run your company's story, it's so important to not let their generosity go unrecognized. You need to let them know how much your company appreciates the free publicity, which you can do via thank-you letters. 

Write these letters by hand and explain to them how grateful you are that the news outlet featured your company when they could have gone with a different story. Seeing these thank-you letters, the local news outlet will be more willing to have you back on in the future.

The local news is such an important resource for companies looking to gain spotlight and positive publicity. As long as you follow the correct protocol when reaching out and working with these news outlets, you'll have a smooth experience from start to finish.