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Ensure A Safe Ride: 4 Signs Your Elevator Is In Need Of An Immediate Inspection

by Sherri Robinson

If you have an elevator in your apartment complex, it's crucial that you keep it in sound mechanical condition. Problems with your elevator increases the risk of accidents and injuries for your tenants. The best way to ensure the safety of your elevator is to ensure annual inspections and maintenance. However, there may be other times when an inspection will become necessary. Here are four signs that your elevator is in need of an inspection.

Unusual Odors From Elevator

It's not uncommon for elevators to have foul odors, especially when they're frequently used. However, there are some odors that should not be ignored. If your elevator is experiencing electrical odors, or your tenants are complaining of smoky odors, you need to have an inspector come out immediately. For maximum protection, discontinue use of the elevator until the source of the odor can be identified.

Problems With Machine Room

When it comes to the proper operation of your elevator, you might not give much thought to the machine room. Unfortunately, lack of concern for the machine room can lead to serious problems for your elevator. If the locking mechanism on your machine door isn't functioning properly, or you're experiencing frequent malfunctions with the equipment inside the room, contact your elevator service provider and schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

Gaps Between Floor and Landing Space

When your elevator is functioning properly, there should never be a gap between the flush edge of the compartment floor and the landing space. If your tenants have to step up or down to enter or exit the elevator, there's a problem that needs to be investigated. Your elevator could be slipping on the coils. If that's the case, your elevator will require immediate attention. An inspection will identify the cause of the problem so that it can be repaired.

Grinding Sounds From Above Passenger Compartment

Elevators make distinctive sounds when they're operational. However, those sounds should never be loud enough to cause complaints, or of an unusual nature – meaning they've never been heard before. If your elevator is making a grinding, squealing or rattling sound, discontinue use immediately and contact your elevator repair service. You'll need to schedule an inspection to identify the source of the sounds.

Don't take chances with your elevator. If you experience any of the issues described above, have an elevator inspection as soon as possible. It may be in need of immediate repairs.