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Six Important Factors When You Need To Repair A Door

by Sherri Robinson

Dealing with a damaged door can be cumbersome. There are numerous factors you need to consider when it comes time to have a broken door repaired to minimize the resulting inconvenience and ensure that the repaired door will be adequate for your needs.

The following are six important factors to consider when you need to repair a door.

Hollowness of the door

Door repair procedures differ if a door is hollow as opposed to if it is solid throughout. Hollow doors are sometimes a little more complicated to repair because damage to them tends to be more extensive and there's nothing for a door patch to adhere to.

However, hollow doors can often be repaired if the hollow space within is filled with some insulating foam sealant that provides a surface that the door patch can be adhered to.


You need to consider what the repaired door will look like. Painted doors are often easier to restore to their initial appearance than unpainted doors because a new layer of paint can be put over the entire door to hide the previously damaged area.

Alternative entryways

You need to locate an alternative entryway until your door is repaired. Any method of door repair is going to require that the door in question is out of order for some time while materials like epoxy filler, silicone mold, or paint dry.

Make sure to notify everyone impacted when repairs are taking place that they'll be limited to alternative entryways until the door is back in operation.


A door is important for allowing access to interiors, but it's also important for maintaining security and keeping intruders out. Make sure that your repaired door is going to offer as much security as the original door so that you don't compromise the safety of those on the interior.

Extent of the damage

Door damage may be so extensive that repairs aren't possible and replacement is necessary. Your first step in repairing door damage is to analyze the extent of the damage.

If there is a hole in your door that is excessively large or the entire shape and structure of the door has been warped, you might need to have your door replaced.

Insulation capabilities of the door

Another thing you want to make sure to maintain in the repaired door is the insulation capabilities of the original door.

Door damage can make it more difficult for a door to keep exterior air out and interior air in. This could be hard on HVAC equipment and drive up utility bills. Pay attention to restoring insulation capabilities as part of your repairs to ensure energy efficiency in the building and avoid energy waste.

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