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Snow Plowing: How This One Service Kills Three Birds With One Plow

by Sherri Robinson

It is nice when a chore ends up taking care of one or more other problems at the same time, is it not? Take snow plowing, for example. It clears a driveway or a parking lot, but what else does that service do? Here is how this one service kills not two, but three proverbial birds with one plow. 

You Have Cleared the Driveway All the Way to the Garage and Back

The first problem, and the most important, is the amount of heavy snow blocking you from getting out of the driveway. If you have an especially long driveway, this is a nightmare to try to clear on your own, even if you have a really good snowblower. Even with the snowblower, most people have not bothered to check it for gas and oil before the first major snowstorm, so their snowblowers are not really ready to go. If you thought ahead and planned ahead enough to secure a plow service, then the plowing team will be at your driveway as soon as your street has been cleared of snow. In less than ten minutes your driveway is clear, and all the snow is usually pushed into your backyard or side yard. 

Your Kids Now Have a Sledding Hill

This is the most fun you can have with hiring a plow service. The plow company pushes all of that snow into a hill and leaves it there. If there was significant snowfall, then your kids now have their very own sledding hill, and they cannot complain that you will not take them sledding. You can point to the "mountain" in the backyard or side yard and tell them to go sliding down that. Second problem of winter solved. 

You Have a Natural Wind Barrier

In places like Alaska, residents intentionally plow snow up into steep embankments alongside and behind their homes. Why? Because it creates a completely natural wind barrier that prevents the cold from beating down on their homes and forcing their heating systems to work overtime and their heating bills to skyrocket. If you instruct your snow plow team to push the snow into an embankment along the north and west sides of your home, you have cleared the snow from the drive, given the kids a sledding hill, and created a natural wind barrier against icy cold winter winds that would otherwise cost you in heating bills. 

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