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Stats And Facts About Two Different Kinds Of Billboards And Marketing

by Sherri Robinson

Billboards are generally those massive signs posted along busy roadways that advertise businesses. Most drivers ignore those billboards while they are busy driving and trying to move through traffic. In fact, the only time that drivers really pay attention to these billboards is when they are actually looking for the billboards for a specific business.

It is ascertained that only about half to less than three-fourths of all billboard advertising is effective at getting drivers on the road to engage in a product, service, or event. Yet, what if you could increase that percentage and really turn a profit? That is the idea behind the digital mobile truck billboard. Here are some more stats and facts about these two kinds of billboard marketing.

Motion Grabs Attention

Motion is an innate attention-grabber. It speaks to the defense mechanisms built in all living creatures because things that move might either be food or be dangerous things. While everything in your environment is not food or danger, that response remains hardwired in the human brain. This is exactly why mobile van billboards work. The non-stop, moving, live-action, TV-like ads playing out on all sides of these vans grabs that innate attention-focus and you cannot help but watch in fascination and curiosity. It could be the most boring scene in the world playing out on the van's moving screens, and you would still want to look at it. Loud sounds have the same effect, but mobile van billboards are not currently equipped with sound while they are rolling down the road.

Ergo, more drivers are paying attention to these mobile billboards, and profits are higher for the companies utilizing this latest type of marketing. 

Stationary Billboards Are Trying Motion Too

Maybe you have spotted one or two of these moving billboards on the highway. They have digital imaging and commercials, too. Some switch screens when a breeze blows behind the billboard. The reaction from drivers is to take a second look to figure out what it was they just witnessed. The stationary billboards partaking in motion and digital technology tells you something. It tells you that the mobile billboards know exactly how well this type of marketing works, and the stationary billboard companies are attempting to latch onto some of that success. Either way, motion and digitization of your marketing to grab people's attention is exactly the way to go to get more customers.