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4 Pieces Of Industrial Laundry Equipment You Will Need For Your New Hotel

by Sherri Robinson

If you have just opened a new hotel, you should invest in some industrial laundry equipment. You are going to need to have equipment available and easily accessible because you will always need to wash linen from each room. However, you may also want to offer to wash clothes for your guests as a convenience to them and as a way to make more money.

Front-Loading Washing Machine

Front-loading appliances are known for their energy efficiency. Even if you are buying an industrial front-loading washing machine, you can still conserve energy at the hotel while washing clothes for your guests when they need them washed and request to have them cleaned by your staff. Purchasing a front-loading washing machine is a wise decision because the machine is powerful enough to clean even the dirtiest of clothes within a short period, making it possible for you to wash more clothes throughout the day.

Front-Loading Dryer

Aside from having a front-loading washing machine available to wash clothes for your guests, you are going to need to have a front-loading dryer. It will conserve energy and rapidly dry the clothes to ensure that your guests can wear these outfits all over again if they would like to do so. Many industrial dryers can hold up to 200 pounds and come equipped with convenient features, such as a steam heating option and a wrinkle-free drying option.

Basket Truck With Wheels

When collecting dirty clothes from guests, you will need to have a place to put these clothes. A basket truck with wheels is spacious enough for even the largest loads. Not only are you washing clothes for your guests, but you are also going to need to wash bed sheets, comforters, and pillowcases in each room whenever your guests decide to check out. Instead of attempting to carry these items n your hands, having an industrial basket truck with wheels will certainly come in handy.

Industrial Laundry Cart

When traveling with clean clothes or smaller loads of laundry, it is convenient to have a laundry cart that you can use. You can roll the laundry cart around to the different rooms and even get on the elevator with the cart instead of trying to drag a bunch of clothes and linen up several flights of stairs inside the hotel.

Some of the most important pieces of laundry equipment to purchase for your hotel include a front-loading washer, front-loading dryer, basket truck with wheels, and an industrial laundry cart. When you have these items available, you can conveniently wash linen and clothes with ease for your guests. A company like Direct Machinery can provide everything you need to make things easier for your guests and staff.