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A Smart Way To Store And Transport Your Brew

by Sherri Robinson

Did you know that some breweries and pubs offer a growler filling service? A CO2 growler is a storage and serving device that will allow you to enjoy freshly carbonated beer without needing to worry about the beverage getting flat. A growler will preserve alcoholic beverages for several weeks, allowing you to enjoy each cupful of the brew at your leisure. Purchase a growler and locate an establishment that offers a filling service.

Check Out The Size, Style, And Lid

Most growlers possess a glass, stainless steel, or ceramic storage chamber and tightly fitting cap. The cap is the most vital part of this piece of equipment because if you were to purchase a model that does not feature a cap that screws on, you could potentially be drinking flat beer sooner than anticipated since liquid beverages will be likely to come into contact with oxygen if there is a gap between the cap and the storage chamber.

Choose a growler size and style that you like. If you are going to be transporting the growler to social functions or if you plan on bringing it outdoors with you on days when you would like to sip a cold beverage while you are relaxing, a smaller-sized growler may be of interest since it will be easier for you to handle.

Request Samples Of Beer

Breweries that conduct tours and sell products and local pubs that have many varieties of beer on tap may offer a growler filling service. Before having your growler filled, request to sample several varieties of beer. Most business owners won't mind giving you some samples as long as they know that you plan on making a purchase. When your growler is filled, a blast of carbon dioxide will be injected into the container, which will assist with maintaining a beverage's carbonated qualities.

Rinse And Store The Growler

Bring your growler home with you and enjoy the fresh brew. After you have emptied the container, use hot water to rinse the inside of the chamber. Rinse off the cap in the same manner.

Do not use household dish detergent to clean the inside of the growler since any soapy residue that remains could alter the taste of the subsequent batch of beer that you purchase. Instead, buy a specialized cleaning agent from a retailer that sells brewing and storage supplies. Allow the growler and cap to air dry before storing the two pieces inside of a cabinet.