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3 Questions To Ask The Haiti Anti-Hunger Organization You Decide To Donate To

by Sherri Robinson

Are you interested in donating some money to a Haiti anti-hunger nonprofit organization? Here are a few important questions that you should ask the organization you'll be donating to:

1. What Percentage of Donations Go Directly to Haiti?

It's important to find out how much of your donation will actually go to help the people of Haiti before you donate to a particular Haiti anti-hunger organization. Even if the organization is classified as a non-profit, employees still have to be paid, and supplies have to be purchased in order to run the organization as a whole.

Therefore, you should expect that some of your donation will not make it to Haiti when all is said and done. However, a majority of your donation should be used for food aid in Haiti. So, ask the organization you want to work with exactly what percentage of each dollar you donate to them will go toward feeding the hungry in Haiti. The organization should allocate well over 50% of what they bring in to anti-hunger initiatives.

2. How Exactly Are Donations Used to Help in Haiti?

You should also find out how donations are actually used to help the hungry in Haiti. Does the organization just send the donations to another facility in Haiti to use for anti-hunger campaigns, or does the organization secure food and distribute it to Haitians themselves? Maybe they do a mixture of the two. Or they might use an entirely different method altogether.

You deserve to know exactly where your donations are going and what kind of help they provide. Ask the anti-hunger organization you choose to work with for an itemized break down of how the donations they receive are used as time goes on.

3. What Kinds of Programs Are Offered by the Organization?

It's also a good idea to find out whether the anti-hunger organization you decide to work with runs any of their own programs in Haiti. By running anti-hunger programs such as soup kitchens and free food distribution centers in Haiti, the organization will have a clear idea of what hungry Haitians need and how they can be helped because they'll be working on the ground directly with the people.

If the organization you donate to simply funds third-party programs, they can't be sure that the money is going where it needs to be going, and they won't be working directly with Haitians to determine where the money should go in the first place. Make sure that the organization you work with oversees at least some of the programs that they're funding.