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Increasing Prosperity On A Global Scale: Looking At Countries That Are Emerging Business Partners

by Sherri Robinson

Business competition is getting more and more fierce, as if that were even possible. How can you compete on a global scale when you can barely dip a toe in the big pond? That is the question a lot of smaller companies are trying to answer with more unique approaches to expanding trade. When you want to increase prosperity on a global scale, you might want to start looking at smaller countries that are emerging as business partners in trade for companies that are struggling to break through. Here are a few options, as well as what these types of trade deals and business partnerships mean for your company.

Lithuanian Trade Council

Lithuania is one of those smaller Baltic Sea countries. This country is now emerging as a hotbed of business culture, and it is one country that you might want to consider for business trade and expansion. With all of the other companies pushing trade into this region, Lithuania is now more culturally diverse than some of its neighboring countries, and equally as diverse as some of the larger nations. If you are interested in trade deals with Lithuania, try reaching out to a Lithuanian trade council.


Companies have been outsourcing certain services to India for years (e.g., customer service phone lines). However, a large portion of trade has been heading East, just as it did during the times of the great sea voyages of European explorers. There are definitely a lot of people in India looking for work, and there are just as many people who may want to spend their paychecks on your products. Regardless of the product or how your company produces it, India is another country worth taking a second look at. 

Iceland and Other Nordic Countries

People here enjoy a higher standard of living, thanks to the free higher education, free healthcare, and paid family leave. As such, they have more room for innovation, business, trade, and wages people are looking to spend on whatever new product they can get. Consider a trade deal with one or more of these countries and reap the benefits of the deal. 

What It Means for Your Company 

These types of trade deals and business partnerships get you in on the ground floor of what is going to (hopefully) be very groundbreaking. If economic predictions are correct, business partnerships and trade deals with certain countries could spell increasing profits for companies that take the risk. Consider making a risky move today for incredible profits tomorrow.