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3 Tips To Ensure Everyone Can Get Out Of Your Commercial Building In The Event Of A Fire

by Sherri Robinson

If you are the owner of a business, it's important to keep your customers' safety in mind. For example, you have to think about emergency situations that could happen, such as the possibility of a fire. If a fire does happen, you will want to make sure that your customers can get out of the building and to a safe place as quickly as possible. A few ways to ensure that everyone can get out of your commercial building in a fire are listed here.

1. Make Sure There are Ample Doors

If a fire occurs, people will be rushing out of your doors to get to safety. If you don't have enough doors, then your doors could become crowded, which could mean that people won't be able to get out quickly enough. Additionally, if you don't have exterior doors installed in different areas of the building, there is the possibility that customers could get stuck on one side of your business without the ability to get to an exit. Also, there are probably building codes in your area that require you to have a certain number of exit doors. Find out about these requirements and consider going above and beyond these requirements. Then, you can help make sure that you have enough exits that everyone can get out of your building.

2. Install Exit Devices and Alarms

It is important to make sure that your customers know that something is going wrong in the event of a fire. Having exit devices on your doors is a good start, since they will cause an alarm to sound when the door is opened. Installing fire alarms throughout your building is also important; not only will this help alert your customers that they should get out of the building, but it will also help notify the authorities that there is an emergency situation going on.

3. Make Sure Exits are Well-Marked

Simply having enough exits in your building isn't going to help if no one knows where those exits are. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that all of your exit doors are properly marked. Putting up well-lit exit signs above all of your exits can help. In larger buildings, putting up wayfinding signs that help direct your customers toward exits will be helpful in the event of an emergency, and it can make navigating your building a little easier on normal days, too.

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