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How To Secure A CDL Truck Driver Position

by Sherri Robinson

If you enjoy driving and want a job where you can get behind the wheel, you should consider being a commercial trucker. Truck drivers are more necessary than ever in the modern age. Many people do their shopping online, and online stores still require truckers to move their merchandise. When you find work as a trucker, you'll have job security and a stable salary that can help you build a comfortable life. Here are three things you'll need to do when seeking a CDL truck driver position.

1. Decide if you'd rather work close to home.

Becoming a trucker gives you several career options. You can choose to take trucking routes that take you all across the country. People who enjoy traveling and seeing many different locales may thrive in these positions. Long distance trucking jobs can also offer higher salaries. If you'd rather work closer to home, you should search for trucking jobs for local companies. A local route will allow you to go home to your own house every night. People with families and well-established routines may prefer the sense of stability that comes with this option.

2. Make sure your credentials are all in order.

In order to make a living as a truck driver, you'll need certain skills and credentials. Before you start job hunting, make sure all your paperwork is in order. You'll need your high school diploma or its equivalent for most positions. You'll also need a commercial driver's license in order to legally drive oversize vehicles. Before obtaining your CDL from the DMV, you should complete a truck driving course. This course will give you the information and skills you need to pass your CDL exam. Some employers will want to see proof that you've completed one of these courses.

3. Seek out companies that are hiring.

There are many CDL truck driver positions available, but you'll need to find them. Use the power of the internet to help you find CDL truck driver positions you can fill. Many companies use the internet to post help wanted ads since it's an easy way to find employees with minimal fuss. You may also want to check your local newspaper's classified ads, since some companies still prefer to advertise job vacancies in print. Finally, don't forget to ask friends and acquaintances in the industry if they know of any work. Word of mouth can be an excellent way to find job leads.