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Improve Your Supply Chain Management To Avoid Counterfeit Computer Parts

by Sherri Robinson

Manufacturing and selling computers can be very profitable but can also come back to bite you if you aren't careful about the quality of your parts. For example, counterfeit computer parts may end up in your computers and cause many issues, unless you take the time to enhance your supply chain management system from the ground up.

Computer Part Counterfeiting Is Very Common

Counterfeit computer parts come from many different sources and have a singular goal — making good money with poor-quality items. For example, your supplier may inadvertently buy counterfeit parts from somebody without realizing it and ship them to you. You then build your computers with these lower-quality parts and the only one profiting is the counterfeiter.

Unfortunately, you might not even realize that you have counterfeit computer parts in your system until they start failing on you. This situation happens more than you might think and can be very costly if you have to pay to repair or replace many computers. As a result, you should seriously consider improving your supply chain management to enhance the process and avoid this issue.

How Better Supply Chain Management Helps

If you're concerned about the dangers of counterfeit electronic parts, you should think of improving your supply chain management. This process requires you to better understand where your parts originate and how they get to your manufacturers. For example, you should trace back every shipment — no matter how laborious this seems — to its source and learn where they got their parts and where the parts were made. 

If you find that you are getting any counterfeit parts, you can shut off that part of your supply chain, contact the proper authorities about the counterfeits, and shift the chain to another provider. This process can be done very quickly if you are smart and efficient, but it will require a little professional help to properly manage. You may have to get outside help in this situation, particularly if you don't feel fully trained to handle this type of difficult inspection.

So if you have run into problems with counterfeit computer parts or otherwise need help keeping your computers in great shape, talk to supply chain management professionals right away. Even if you think you have this situation handled and aren't worried about counterfeit parts, you can still see if you can improve your efficiency and decrease your overhead costs.