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Want To Reduce The Number Of Garbage Bags You Put On The Curb? Follow These Tips

by Sherri Robinson

Whether your local trash removal services has a set number of garbage bags you can put out each week, or you simply want to put fewer bags of trash in the landfill each week, you will want to continue reading. By checking out the following tips, you will find that you are able to reduce the number of trash bags that you put out on the curb each week.

Buy A Trash Compactor

There are small trash compactor machines that are meant to be used in residences. Basically, you can plug the trash compactor into an outlet in your kitchen and then put your garbage in there and turn it on. Whatever you placed in the compactor will be compressed into the smallest size possible. That garbage will now take up a considerably small amount in your standard garbage bag. This allows you to fit a lot more into the garbage bags, creating less of a need for additional bags.

Begin A Compost

Scraps of food may not take up the most amount of space in your garbage bags, but they do contribute to the overall amount of waste that ends up on the curb and then in a landfill. Therefore, consider starting a compost in your backyard, where you can put things like veggie and fruit scraps, leaves, coffee grounds, and grass clippings. All of that will break down and become a natural fertilizer that you can use in your veggie garden or around the plants you have around the house.

Recycle Everything You Can

You can recycle cardboard, paper, metal, plastic, and glass. If you create various bins for the collection of recyclable materials, you can fill them up throughout the week. Then, either as they get full or once a week, you can take them to the recycling center. This will create a lot less trash for you to put out on the curb each week, while you are doing your part to help the environment.

When you take the time to follow through with the previously mentioned tips, you should find that you will be able to drastically reduce the number of trash bags you put out on the curb every week. Your garage collection company will be glad that you do not have to continue to put out a massive amount of garbage each week. You will be glad as well, especially since you will be doing your part to protect the environment.