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4 Reasons You May Need Aerial Imagery for a Business Construction Project

by Sherri Robinson

Aerial imagery acquisition serves as a valuable service for an array of business owners. If you are in the process of planning for a construction project or a project that involves changing the layout or design of your business building's structure, having these aerial shots can be super helpful. Here is a look at how. 

Gain valuable imagery to give to contractors.

When you start the process of hiring a contractor for your restoration project, it is helpful if you have as much imagery available as possible. Aerial images offer far more than regular ground photos can; you they give a full view of the perimeter of the property and the structure. Therefore, they can serve as valuable insight for any contractor looking to help you tackle your project. 

Get a better look at the lay of the land in comparison to your building. 

If you are trying to figure out what would be the best way to build a building, aerial shots offer a more in-depth visual of what a building could look like in contrast to its surroundings. For example, if there is a patch of woods off to one side, you could determine how your building should be constructed to either highlight or conceal that part of the property.

Determine what building layout will work best with the structures in the area. 

With aerial images, you can get a good idea of the proximity between your building and the rest of the surrounding structures or implements. For example, you may be able to measure on the ground that a building is ten feet from yours, but in an aerial view, you get to look at how changes to your building could impede upon the other structures.

Better understand the risks in outlying areas. 

All buildings have proposed risks. If you are in an urban location, risks could come from being too close to a certain type of facility or too close to the highway. If your business is in a rural area, risks could be something like wildfires or wild animals. With aerial images of the property, it gives you a better perception of where the proposed risks are located surrounding your business and how easy it would be for certain harms to befall the structure or operation. For instance, if there is a nearby creek, aerial imagery shows what direction the creek would likely flow if it were to swell.