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Designing Your Coastal Home Floor Plan? Answer These 3 Questions During The Planning Process

by Sherri Robinson

A coastal home is a beautiful, beach-like home that makes you feel like you are on vacation all the time. If you are having the home reconstructed, you need to go over the floor plan with the designers. Making essential floor plan decisions is the only way to ensure that the house looks the way that you want it to when the contractors are done working on it.

Do You Want to Have an Ocean View From Your Bedroom?

Think about the location of your bedroom inside the coastal home and what types of views you will have from that room. The bedroom is one room that you might spend a lot of time in, whether you are sleeping, reading, watching television, or just trying to relax. Having a stunning view from your bedroom might give you a calm and relaxing feeling that helps you de-stress and puts you at ease. If your coastal home is by the ocean or any other body of water, you might want to make sure your bedroom is placed right in front of it because then you can look at the water whenever you want to.

Would You Want to Have All the Rooms on One Floor or Separate Floors?

Some people want a multi-level coastal home while others prefer a one-floor home where all the rooms are spread out throughout one single floor. The benefits of having all the rooms on one floor include having easy access to the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom from the living room and avoiding the need to travel up and down a staircase. If you do not want to have all the rooms on one floor, you might want to have a master bedroom situated on the top floor with all the other rooms placed on the first floor.

Where Would You Like to Have Your Porch?

While living in a coastal home, sitting out on the porch to enjoy the calming breeze and the sound of the water as it moves is purely comforting. During the floor plan design process, you can decide where to have porches installed. You may want a porch on different sides of the home, including the front, back, and left or right side of the property that would lead to the bedroom, kitchen, and the front lobby.

If a coastal home is what you want to have, consult with contractors on the design of the coastal home floor plan to get it to look just the way you want it. You must figure out how many floors you want your coastal home to have, along with where you want to have different rooms and porches installed.