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3 Things To Do Before Buying Used Pallet Racking

by Sherri Robinson

You might be looking to set up pallet racking in a new warehouse or other property that you have recently purchased, or you might be hoping to expand or replace your existing pallet racking system. Buying used pallet racking can be a good idea in all of these situations since it's an affordable and eco-friendly way of purchasing the pallet racking that you need. These are some of the things that you will probably need to do before you purchase used pallet racking.

1. Determine Your Desired Setup

You might be excited to get your new-to-you pallet racking set up in your facility, so you might be anxious to make a purchase. Take a little bit of time right now to draw out your desired setup for your pallet racking, however, and you will probably be glad that you did. This can make it easier to start shopping for used pallet racking that will work well for you. It can help you ensure that you have enough storage space for all of the things that your business needs to store, and it can help you come up with a layout that allows you to maximize the space within your facility, too. Come up with a design, and take careful measurements so that you will know what to look for when you're shopping and so that you will know how to set everything up when you do make your purchase.

2. Look Over Pallet Racking Carefully

Purchasing used pallet racking is often a good idea, but it is obviously important to make smart decisions when you make your purchase. For example, you'll need to make sure that you are being charged a fair price for the used pallet racking, and you'll need to make sure that the pallet racking is still in good condition. Some issues can be resolved fairly affordably and easily; for example, you might not mind re-painting the used pallet racking that you buy, particularly if you can purchase it for a good price. However, you will probably want to watch out for rust, dents, and other serious issues. Therefore, doing a once-over of the used pallet racking before you buy it is usually a smart idea.

3. Make Arrangements for Transport and Setup

Depending on the type of pallet racking system that you are buying, you might be concerned about how you will get it to your place of business. You might also be concerned about how you will set it up. You may want to look into your transport and installation options beforehand; then, when you find and purchase your used pallet racking, you will already have a plan in mind.