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3 Reasons Your Teen Needs To Read About Alexander The Great

by Sherri Robinson

Historical fiction is a genre that teens often overlook. Reading about the past doesn't seem appealing, especially when teens associate historical fiction with the rote memorization required to pass any academic history class.

There are many people throughout history who can serve as an excellent role model for your teen. Encouraging your teen to read Alexander the Great historical fiction books can help him or her identify desirable traits the great ruler possessed and begin developing these traits in him or herself.

1. Alexander the Great was a Scholar

Education is important in the modern world, but teens don't always see the value of studying hard and performing well in school. Reading historical fiction about Alexander the Great can help your teen gain a new perspective on education.

Alexander was personally tutored by Aristotle. The young ruler developed a passion for reading, science, and politics under the instruction of the great philosopher. Alexander would send back plant and animal specimens for study from his far-reaching military campaigns, and the great ruler would often sleep with a copy of the Iliad underneath his pillow.

Reading a historical fiction novel can help your teen see that someone as prominent and powerful as Alexander the Great put a great deal of value on education and learning. This example can motivate your teen to take his or her own studies more seriously in the future.

2. Alexander the Great was Motivated

One of the reasons history remembers Alexander the Great as being so great is because he was extremely motivated. Alexander could have settled for ruling his inherited lands in Macedonia, but he was motivated to expand his empire.

At the time of his death, Alexander the Great ruled over an expanse of 3,000 miles- the largest empire in the ancient world. Your teen can learn about Alexander's endless drive and ambition through historical fiction, then apply this principle to strive for greatness in their own life.

3. Alexander the Great was a Problem Solver

The ability to think critically and identify an unorthodox solution to problems can be very beneficial. Alexander the Great can serve as an example of unique problem-solving for your teen.

One example of Alexander's out-of-the-box approach to solving a problem was his untying of The Gordian Knot. Finding no ends to begin the untying process, Alexander simply sliced through the knot with his sword and declared it untied.

Learning about Alexander's unorthodox approach to solving problems can help your teen see the value of applying critical thinking to their own problems.