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Why It Is Always Easier To Order Custom T Shirts Instead Of Making Them Yourself

by Sherri Robinson

As technology gets better and better, the barrier for entry to do things like t-shirt printing has gotten very low. This has led to a surge in people trying to make t-shirts at home, and while this can be a fun experience, it generally doesn't lead to a quality piece of clothing that one could wear. In fact, most of the time it leads to an illegible mess of colors and shapes. If you want a well-made t-shirt to commemorate an event, or just for fun, then here are a few reasons why you should consider ordering from a t-shirt printing store rather than attempt it on your own. 

Sharper Lines And Edges

While at-home techniques can give you something reminiscent of what you are after, whether that be a logo, image, or some writing, they will not be as well-finished as a shirt from a business that does this professionally. This will be most noticeable in the lines and edges of whatever graphic you have made. At-home techniques often lead to a lot of bleeding, which only gets worse as you wear the shirt more frequently. If you want something that will stay looking like what you intended for longer, then a t-shirt printing shop is an ideal option.

More Accurate Colors

Trying to mix and match your own colors at home is a nightmare. Anyone who has tried screenprinting or other methods will tell you that trying to get a custom t-shirt with just the right reds, greens, and blues (as well as all the combinations those make) can be very difficult without professional tools. Yes, you can get it close if you practice a lot, but that is expensive and time-consuming when you consider the alternative is instant. If being precise is important to you, then you should only trust your t-shirt printing with a professional.

Quicker Turnaround

If you want a lot of different designs, such as a custom shirt for everyone coming to a party, then using the considerable resources that these t-shirt printing companies offer is a no-brainer. Having to set up your home printing methods is tricky enough for one design, let alone many. If you want a faster, more efficient machine, then you are looking at spending thousands of dollars, which is a bit much for a few shirts. If you want the shirts to be associated with happy memories, and not of spending long hours trying to make them only to get frustrated, then using an online or in-person t-shirt printing store makes the most sense.