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What Types of Places Are Portable Hplc Systems Used In?

by Sherri Robinson

Portable high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems are designed to be easy to transport, and they're designed to help with analyzing and purifying various types of liquids. Many people don't realize what portable HPLC systems are used for, and a lot of people underestimate their popularity or their usefulness. However, these systems are actually used in many industries and different facilities. These are just a few examples of the different types of places where portable HPLC systems are commonly used.

Manufacturing Facilities

There are many reasons why HPLC systems are used in manufacturing facilities. They are often used in food processing environments to test the safety and nutritional value of food products. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, HPLC systems are commonly used for testing pharmaceutical ingredients and finished products to make sure that the medications and other products are safe to use and in line with industry specifications.

Some manufacturing facilities use stationary HPLC systems, since testing might be done in one specific area of the facility. However, in more and more facilities, portable HPLC systems are considered to be a lot more useful. After all, they can easily be moved around within the facility. This can come in handy, since it makes it possible for workers to perform testing in any area of the facility. This helps make more frequent testing possible, and it makes testing much faster, easier, and less disruptive as well.

Research Laboratories

In many research laboratories, HPLC systems are used. In smaller laboratories, a portable unit might not seem necessary. However, some labs do perform testing off-site, such as inside manufacturing facilities and in other places where clients need their services. Additionally, in larger laboratories, it might be easier for technicians to move the portable HPLC system around and work with samples in different areas of the lab instead of moving all of the samples to the area where a stationary HPLC system is set up.

Agricultural Properties

Many people don't realize just how common the use of HPLC systems are in the agricultural world. However, these systems are used to test rainwater, pesticides, and more. This is done to help farmers ensure that they are compliant with government regulations, and it helps them make the right decisions about things like which pesticides and fertilizers to use when they are growing crops. Luckily, a portable HPLC system can easily be taken from farm to farm and can be brought into fields, barns, and other areas of agricultural properties.

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