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Tips To Consider When Using A Mail Forwarding Service

by Sherri Robinson

Mail forwarding services are great for those that will be away from their primary address for an extended period of time. If you plan on using these forwarding services, these tips will help you get a lot of great things out of them with ease. 

Submit the Correct Forms

To get started with mail forwarding, you will be asked to submit particular forms. They will vary based on a couple of factors, such as where you live and the amount of people that are needing this temporary forwarding service too.

Find out the exact forms that you need to fill out for mail forwarding to become official. They will be online and free for you to download. You can also talk to your postal service to see exactly what forms to fill out. Such a simple step will help you make sure mail forwarding is executed properly and within a reasonable amount of time. 

Confirm the New Address

Whether you're moving to a completely new residence or just need mail forwarding for a temporary address, you need to confirm this address change with the postal system that will be handling the mail forwarding service.

You want to do this before the mail gets forwarded so that you can ensure the destination is appropriate. If it's not, then you have time to change and confirm that the new address is correct. You can just contact the postal service to find out what address they have on file after submitting the right forms. 

Select a Forwarding Time Period

When you use mail forwarding services, you can state how long you want these services to be active. This is unique to each person that relies on these mail services. You might need to have your mail forwarded for several months or it may be longer. 

Figure out a time period that makes the most sense and then verify this time period is honored by the postal company offering the forwarding services. Again, you can just call them to verify this time frame. If you're not sure, it's probably better to extend the forwarding time period until you find a more concrete time period.

Mail forwarding is an important service for those that are either moving or won't be at their primary residence for a while. If you perform the simple steps as to keep mistakes from happening, then mail forwarding will be a valuable service you can easily rely on any time.