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3 Insider Tips When Working With Water Pump Pullers

by Sherri Robinson

A water pump puller is an essential tool you'll need to safely remove, service, or replace your submersible well pump. It helps to raise or lower your pump without causing damage. However, when servicing or replacing your water pump, keep in mind these three fundamental tips for proper use of the pulling tool.

Determine How Often You'll Need the Puller 

When it comes to a water pump puller, you must decide whether to rent or purchase it. But that depends on how often you plan to use it. For example, people who own water pumps that require frequent servicing might benefit more from buying pullers than renting. On the contrary, renting the tool might be the smartest choice if you only need a water pump puller once or twice a year. Instead of buying the puller and dumping it in the store until the next service season, renting when you only need it is a more appropriate solution to save you more money. 

Avoid Exceeding its Weight Limit

Whichever type of well pump puller you buy, the weight it can handle is a crucial factor to consider. All pump pullers come with a maximum weight limit they can comfortably support. Exceeding the standard weight limit can potentially damage the equipment altogether. You don't want to spend more money again on repairing the very tool you want to use for pulling your water pump to repair or service. Therefore, do your due diligence and find out your puller's weight capacity. After that, consider staying within this limit to alleviate pressure build-up issues and eventual part failure.

An Extra Hand Might Be Helpful

If you want to skip the hassles related to the use of water pump pullers in specific environments, seek help from a qualified operator. While the device does most of the work, you'll surely need an extra hand when guiding the pump out of the casing. Doing so helps prevent damage to the pump, as well as alleviates excessive bending of the lines. If bending occurs, your system might experience leakage, which again delays normal pump operations after servicing or replacement. Having a partner to help you handle your pump and puller tool can be of significant help.

Final Thoughts

Working with a water pump becomes simple with the help of an appropriate puller. Depending on the frequency of use, you can choose to rent or purchase this equipment. Besides, work with a reputable dealer when looking forward to renting or buying your water pump puller