Managing Your Business Like A Professional

Maintenance And Care Tips For Your Office Copier

by Sherri Robinson

Your business's copier is an important tool that your employees may need to use multiple times each day. Not taking care of this device can lead to performance issues and malfunctions that may be able to prevent the copier from working. To avoid disruptions to your business's daily operations, there are some harmful practices to consider looking out for.

Failing To Dust And Clean The Copier

Large amounts of dust can be extremely problematic for your office copier. For example, it can be possible for the dust to contribute to component jamming and even degraded image quality. When the dust is able to get on the printheads, it can completely prevent color from being transferred to the paper that is passing through the printer. Regularly dusting the exterior and cleaning the printheads can be an effective way of minimizing the risk of these problems impacting the overall performance of your office copier.

Improperly Storing The Toner Cartridges For The Copier

Many businesses will choose to keep toner cartridges in storage so that they can be changed as soon as the copier starts to run low. Unfortunately, failing to store these toner cartridges effectively can be a problem that will reduce the lifespan of these units and may cause them to fail as soon as they are placed in the copier. When you are deciding on a suitable place for keeping these cartridges for long-term storage, they should be kept in a dark and cool area so that excessive heat will be unable to dry out the toner or even degrade the casing for it.

Not Having The Copier Serviced At Regular Intervals

A copier is a fairly complicated piece of equipment, and it is likely to require regular service visits and maintenance if it is to remain operational. Unfortunately, businesses will often go far too long between formal servicings of their copiers. In some cases, this may only be done when the copier has already started to develop performance issues.

Many modern office production copiers will have a display that can indicate when the unit is needing to undergo regular maintenance. Reviewing this display at regular intervals is important for knowing when this work should be scheduled as the exact frequency that it is needed may be determined by the number of pages that the copier has made, and this can vary substantially from one month to the next. If you have opted to lease the copier to keep costs low, these service visits will likely be mandated by the terms of the lease.