Managing Your Business Like A Professional

Palletization For The Modern Business Owner

by Sherri Robinson

Palletizing products is a great way to save valuable shelf space that is reserved for some of your expensive inventory. Used pallets will keep dust from coming into conduct with surplus products. A series of pallets may also increase the amount of floor space that is dedicated to advertising your goods. 

Pallet Products

Pallets may be constructed of plastic, wood, or a prefabricated material that is designed to resemble wood. Manufacturing involves measuring components and using fasteners to design the platform and load access points that a pallet possesses.

Access points are often needed when moving palletized materials from point A to point B. If you like to switch out the layout of your warehouse on occasion, investing in pallets that contain forklift loading access points will allow you to move items in a targeted manner, without needing to unload the products from the pallets beforehand.

Used Pallets

There are many ways that you can acquire pallets that can be used within your place of business. If you order quite a bit of stock that comes shipped in a palletized format, you may want to hold on to some of the pallet products that are constructed of quality materials. If you acquire products from the same place of business on a fairly standard basis, the company that ships your products may use cohesive pallet products.

If you do not buy many palletized products, you can acquire used pallets from an online supplier. Refurbished pallets may look relatively new. A seller may clean pallets that are being refurbished. The refurbishment process may involve sanding wood, removing residue from metal, or painting pallets. Used pallets may be sold in groups. If you locate a seller who features a wide range of pallet products, walking through your warehouse and determining where the pallets will be set up is the first step to organizing your inventory.

Pallets can be set up in rows or can be arranged in a grid formation. Considerations should be made about the manner in which you plan on allowing your clients to access merchandise. If your shipping team will be responsible for pulling and preparing orders, alphabetize the products that will be displayed on the used pallets.

If your customers will have the ability to walk around the warehouse and shop for the items that they wish to purchase from your place of business, you may prefer to use a series of used pallets to create makeshift shopping aisles.