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What Are The Differences Between Full, Modular, And Project RPO?

by Sherri Robinson

If you don't want to run all your recruitment processes internally, then you can use recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services. Here, external recruitment specialists take on some or all of your hiring work.

One of the benefits of using RPO is the fact that you can choose from various solutions to suit your recruitment needs. For example, you can use a full, modular, or project service. What are the differences between these options? Which one might suit you best?

What Is Full RPO?

If you use a full RPO service, then your consultancy runs all of your recruitment for you. They work like an external HR hiring department.

So, your consultancy will work with you to understand your recruitment drivers and needs. They spend time learning about how new hires fit into your company. They also gain a deep understanding of the types of people you want to employ. For example, they will factor in qualifications, experience, and personality types.

Your consultancy then manages your hiring processes. They source, interview, and shortlist candidates. They run assessments and administer tests if you want to use them. When they find potential hires, they then manage the offer and acceptance process before onboarding new employees.

This solution works well for businesses that don't want to run their own recruitment processes. For example, you might not want the expense of employing your own recruitment and selection staff. Or, you might not have time to get involved in hiring.

What Is Modular RPO?

Modular RPO gives you help with specific parts of the recruitment process. You still manage some of its elements, but you outsource others to your RPO consultancy.

So, for example, you might outsource the initial recruitment stages here. Your consultant will source and screen candidates. Once they have a shortlist, you take over the rest of the process.

A modular approach is useful if you have some in-house recruitment expertise but can't cover the whole process. Or, you might want to use this option if you want control over some of the selection process.

What Is Project RPO?

Project RPO services can meet full or modular needs. Here, you only use a consultancy at times when you have an extraordinary recruitment need.

For example, you might hire RPO services if you have seasonal recruitment campaigns. Or, you might use a consultant if you are expanding your business services or manufacturing new products. Once you've met these hiring needs, you might not need external help again for a while.

To find out more, contact RPO solutions providers.